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Jobs are a very useful concept in kubernetes deployments. They can be used for add-hoc provisioning tasks, as well as long running processing jobs.

In configuration, they don’t differ much from regular pods, but offer some additional properties.

Delete a Job after its finished

You can configure a TTL for the job after it finished its execution successfully.

import * as k from 'cdk8s';
import * as kplus from 'cdk8s-plus-24';

const app = new k.App();
const chart = new k.Chart(app, 'Chart');

// let's define a job spec, and set a 1 second TTL.
const job = new kplus.Job(chart, 'LoadData', {
  ttlAfterFinished: kplus.Duration.seconds(1)

// now add a container to all the pods created by this job
  image: 'loader'


See Deployment scheduling.


See Pod connections.