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Migrating from 1.x

This page describes the difference between versions 1.x and 2.x of the cdk8s toolchain, as well as instructions on how to migrate from one to the other.

Deprecation Timeline

Version 1.x of the cdk8s toolchain will be deprecated on 01/01/2023. After which, it will only receive critical bug fixes and security patches, but there will be no active development on it.

We strongly recommend migrating to 2.x using the instructions stated below.

Core Library

Version 2.x of the core cdk8s library is identical to version 1.x from an API perspective. The only difference is in the dependency they declare on the constructs library. This also means that the documentation and code snippets presented throughout the site is compatible with 1.x as well, in case you’d still like to use it.


See Ecosystem Interoperability for reasoning behind this change.

Following are instructions on what changes should be performed to use version 2.x:

In package.json, define:

"dependencies": {
  "cdk8s": "^2.2.87",
  "constructs": "^10.1.12"

In pom.xml, define:


In Pipfile, define:

constructs = "~=10.1.12"
cdk8s = "~=2.2.87"

In go.mod, define:

require ( v10.1.12 v2.2.87

Since major versions are encoded in go import statements, in your source code, change to:

import (


Version 2.x of the cdk8s-cli is identical to version 1.x from an API perspective. The only difference is in the project templates cdk8s init generates. CLI version 1.x / 2.x will initiate projects utilizing version 1.x / 2.x of the core library, accordingly.

If you’d like to continue using version 1.x of the CLI:

Locate the latest 1.x version you’d like to install, and:

brew install cdk8s@1.<minor>.<patch>
npm install -g cdk8s-cli@^1
yarn global add cdk8s-cli@^1