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Namespaces provides a mechanism for isolating groups of resources within a single cluster.

Create a Namespace

To create a new namespace in the cluster:

import * as kplus from 'cdk8s-plus-30';
import * as k from 'cdk8s';

const app = new k.App();
const chart = new k.Chart(app, 'Chart');

const namespace = new kplus.Namespace(chart, 'BackOfficeNamespace');

Like any other resource, if you don’t specify a name, cdk8s will auto-generate one, which you can access by

Select namespaces

Namespaces can also be selected by various mechanisms. These selections are often used in other cdk8s+ API’s, such as pod selection during scheduling.

Select namespaces by name

Select a namespace called backoffice.

import * as kplus from 'cdk8s-plus-30';

const backoffice =, 'Backoffice', { names: ['backoffice'] });

Select namespace by labels

Select all namespaces that have the processing=batch label.

import * as kplus from 'cdk8s-plus-30';

const batch =, 'Batch', { labels: { processing: 'batch'} });

Select all namespaces

Select all namespaces in the cluster.

import * as kplus from 'cdk8s-plus-30';

const all = kplus.Namespaces.all();