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Secrets are used to store confidential information. Never store such information on the definition of the pod itself.

Use an existing Secret

To reference a secret created outside of your deployment definition, use the following. Note that this does not create a new object, and will therefore not be included in the resulting manifest.

import * as kplus from 'cdk8s-plus-30';

const secret = kplus.Secret.fromSecretName('aws-creds');

Adding data

To create a new secret with some data, use:

import * as kplus from 'cdk8s-plus-30';
import * as k from 'cdk8s';

const app = new k.App();
const chart = new k.Chart(app, 'Chart');

const secret = new kplus.Secret(chart, 'Secret');
secret.addStringData('password', 'some-encrypted-data');